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Ecos, Oda Al Silencio

Casa Estudio Luis Barragan, CDMX, MEX. (2018) Experimental Film. When I entered the house for the first time, I was amazed by the different vibes in each space. I felt I was being driven by a tour guide that wasn’t there. Later I understood. Luis Barragan knew exactly when and where people will stand and how the combination between light and space would make them feel. Then I knew I had to explore not only his colors and textures but the energy inside the house. I knew I didn’t want to do a documentary, I wanted to play around and experiment with his ideas.

Through improvisation Diego Mur and I started to explore the house on a different level. By guiding the dancers to flow through the energy rivers in the house we started to create something. The house was changing while the day passed. Magic started to happen. Light started to come in through a window we didn't know was there. We started to flow, things started to happen. I still don’t know, who or what was deciding where the camera would be. Everything was already there. I felt like if I was following someone else´s paths. Like echoes from someone else´s life.


Directed by: Andres Arochi

Executive Producers: Gabriel Stavenhagen & Elias Kalach

Production Company: Cineburó

Choregraphy by: Diego Mur (Nohbords)

Cinematography by: Andres Arochi

Producer: Juanelo Hernandez

Styling by: Alia González

Music and Sound Design by: Sebastián Lechuga

Editing by: Sergio Beltrán

Featuring: Diego Mur, Mauricio Rico, Maite Arregui Fernandez,

Dalia Xiuhcoatl Hernández Ruiz, David Oropeza, Ana Gardo

Color by: Andres Arochi & Sergio Beltran