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Lagrimas de Sol

Lagrimas de Sol

Crew —

Director: Andres Arochi

DOP: Andres Arochi

Exec Producer: Gabriel Stavenhagen

Producer: Juanelo Hernandez

Audio: Sebastian lechuga

Editor: Sergio Beltran

Production Company: Cineburo

Estado de México, MEX. 2018, Experimental. Lagrimas del Sol is a collaboration with sculptor Carlos Garcia Noriega. Presented in Zona Maco 2018. 

One normally needs a suit when approaching a hive. This scientifically purposed costume gives us a sense of  importance in the process of contact with nature. Every filter we need inferred to observe another dimension is related with the outer and inner being, its science and symbols. A macro lens is needed to get closer, and allows the portrait to go into the realms of fiction. Everything is also implied in a microscopic level. This is a journey into the world view in the size of a bee, specifically a 30 thousand bee hive near the sculptures of Carlos Garcia-Noriega, Lagrimas del Sol. This piece was created in collaboration with musician Sebastian Lechuga. 

This project was made possible thanks to Efecto Colmena, a foundation that intends to make people aware of the importance of bees, ecology and food quality.