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Lykke Audiovisual

Lykke Audiovisual

Music: Fernando Esteban

Visuals: Andres Arochi

Drums: Roberto Malvido

Sax: Enrique Bojorquez

Voices: Joaquin Garcia

Paulina Olea

Santiago Narvaez

Drone: Luciano Larobina

Norway, France, Mexcio. 2017 Audio Visual Project. Sailing by the coast of Norwegian fjords, where a black landscape is covered by uncountable layers of white, Lykke, the ship, travels at 14 knots an hour. Soon, one is swept up by inner and outer contrast, where the natural and the mental collide, a place where melancholia dwells. It would seem like one travels through mirrors of water, earth, air, and other elements we carry inside. The road is made into a particular place where there is a chance to be intimate with nature, coexisting between veils of fog and silence. A journey from the inside out, in a matter so intimate, it’s hard to tell which is which.

In a similar way, Lykke becomes the creative journey between two multidisciplinary friends in many sleepless nights. During 2010, the now inner ship of both artists traveled through Norway, France, and Mexico; creating different perspectives, confronting each with their sense of void. The close is an audio visual experience, made with Fernando Esteban's music resulting in a musical album A Rift. The piece tries to create an aesthetic movement between the organic world and one of electronics. Acoustic and digital instruments blend together, mimicking  the landscapes in a postmodern sound.

Images where captured but never planned, experimenting through repetition and into hypnosis. The audience can witness natural fractals in movement.

Finally, Esteban and Arochi create a performance where five musicians play next to live, interactive visuals.