In the heart of Tultepec, Mexico, thousands of sparks dance in a frenzy between people who want to fuse with the fire, rather than run away from it. Accelerating endlessly in the line between life and death once a year, when the town celebrates San Juan de Dios. Famous for their pyrotechnics, this place is a scene in the life of people under God and powder. Before the festival, a party sets the town on fire, roughly 300 wooden bulls loaded with fireworks are built for a single day of celebration. It is a gala that celebrates explosives for their life giving energy to a town that lives and dies molten in fire. Going deeper into the flames, pyrotechnics honor the passion and spirit of people celebrating life, nearing death. All this for the cheer and applause of 100 thousand screaming people, dancers are drawn to the flame like moths. The biggest honor goes to the one who goes near the flames with complete focus. Dying to make this day possible is considered heroic.